Dependable partners for procurement and growth

10,000 km of cable, 250,000 sockets and switches, and 150,000 lights are used every year in construction projects around the country by members of eltrion Group. Its workforce of some 650 employees has a fleet of roughly 250 vehicles as well as 350 mobile phones at its disposal. In addition, engineers, electronics technicians and apprentices also have to be amply insured on the building site. 

We need dependable partners to help us ensure that that the projects we manage for our customers run as smoothly as possible. Do the materials arrive punctually where they are needed? Are the specifications right? Will the service we require – or a substitute – be available on site in an emergency? 

With a total annual turnover in excess of EUR 125 million, an efficient procurement process which places the focus on quality is an essential component of eltrion Group’s success and continued growth. 

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